How to support us

How to support us

The CMRC is a registered not for profit organisation with a Deductible Gift Recipient status and a PBI.


Supporting refugee, migrant and vulnerable communities

The CMRC provides a range of services for newly arrived asylum seeker and refugee families in Western and Northern Sydney. The CMRC provides material and financial assistance, settlement information and referral, capacity building activities for individuals and families.

Our vision is to achieve a society that values the diversity of its people and actively provides support to ensure meaningful social and economic participation and to assist individuals and families reach their potential.

In order to achieve provide a sustained service we are seeking donations to the following programs.


Where will your money go?


Refugee Households receive Food Hampers: In partnership with Life Links and Food Bank

Every week 45 households receive emergency food hampers that include fresh and tinned food, baby products and house hold goods.




Tamil Refugees Computer classes

Computer classes for newly arrived asylum seekers are held each week for a group of forty refugee and asylum seekers.

Raj runs weekly computer classes for a group of newly arrived asylum seekers, while taking time out from his day job as an IT specialist for NSW Health. Every Saturday Raj meets the group of Tamil men and women from Sri Lanka, at the CMRC head office. While taking time out from his day job as an IT specialist for NSW Health.

Raj Manicjarajah was recently voted one of Western Sydney’s greatest hidden treasures- a local hero quietly creating pathways for others to follow

Over 40 clients have now improved their computer literacy, enhanced their communication skills and have reported a genuine feeling of support and inclusion following what has often been an isolating and harrowing journey, rebuilding their lives in the suburbs of Western Sydney.





New Frontiers

New Frontiers is a sports initiative for new arrivals. Vulnerable young males from refugee/asylum backgrounds (from countries including Afghanistan/Iran/Sri Lanka/Iraq and Syria) participate in this program. Many of these young males are looking for physical outlets whilst recovering from traumatized experiences following their escape from conflict and persecution.

CMRC runs a number of sports programs – fitness/circuit training in the gym / Fair Go Futsal / South Asian Cup Football Tournament / Girls Volleyball / Swim For Life Program

New Frontiers! relies on a dedicated number of volunteer trainers and facilitators and coaches. All inspired to assist because of a shared passion for sports and fitness, and a shared sense of a growing need to engage with our young people in the gyms, soccer fields and swimming pools of Western Sydney.




Make and Bake 

Make and Bake is a ground breaking cooking and small business training program for refugee women.

Women from Afghanistan, Iran, Sri Lanka and Syria combine their traditional cooking skills with western culinary influences, and receiving accredited vocational training certificates in small business.

Some participants have arrived on Women at Risk visas and are bringing up children as single parents. Having the flexibility to earn and learn – cooking from home in-between parenting duties – has proven to be an invaluable opportunity for women who are still learning English but who are keen to build a new life for themselves and their children in Australia.




Financial Assistance

Disadvantaged families in financial difficulties are assisted with EAPA Vouchers.

EAPA is a NSW Government Scheme which helps Individuals and Families having trouble paying their home electricity and/or gas bill because of a crisis or emergency situation.

CMRC administers the EAPA vouchers to these families and Individuals who are in financial hardship. Arrangements with suppliers for payment by instalments can be made.




Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice is a program offering public speaking and confidence building training to refugee women and young people. Often when English is a second language and people find themselves marginalized from the mainstream community, rebuilding your core strength / identity and confidence is gained through standing tall, breathing and being able to speak in front of anybody and everybody.

Women from South Sudan, Ghana and Burma share with the other women , the meaning behind their own names. By the close of the program, they are able to tell a story, read a speech and even debate an issue with a smile on their face. You can help these women today.

• Sponsor a public speaker

• Mentor a public speaker

• Invite a speaker to your workplace lunch or staff meeting or networking dinner




Creativity Unleashed

Creativity Unleashed is a collective of raw but talented artists from a number of war torn countries including Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Syria.

Artists work across a number of creative practices including photography, textiles, screen print, illustration and filmmaking.

The Creativity Unleashed Expo held in November 2013 provided a showcase for the artists to explore their experiences and express themselves, with a wider audience who were looking to engage with communities often reduced to headlines in the media narrative.

There are a number of ways you can support - Creativity Unleashed

• Sponsor an artist

• Provide studio space for an artist

• Sponsor an artist exhibition

• Sponsor an artist business networking lunch

• Donate art materials / digital cameras / film equipment



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